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Guangdong Yingweipu Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in infringement Intellectual property agency for investigation, brand protection, evidence collection and rights protection, registration With a capital of 10 million yuan, it is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and located in Guangzhou, North China Beijing and other major cities have survey teams

The rights protection team of INVIP includes Guangdong INVIP Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd Division (rights protection business)+Shenzhen Zhisheng Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd (Basic business)+Guangdong Zhili Law Firm (litigation business), yes One stop solution platform for intellectual property issues, covering domestic and foreign businesses Patent application, brand protection, investigation, evidence collection, rights protection and litigation.

Rights protection team

The core investigation team now has more than 50 full-time investigators and 12 full-time intellectual property lawyers, all of whom have 3 to 10 years of intellectual property rights investigation and protection work experience< br /> The team leader has the background of public security, procuratorial and law enforcement or lawyer, and can ensure the legality and compliance of each case.

Network supervision team

Be familiar with the main electricity at home and abroad Business platform; Use large numbers Built for customers according to software Infringement information database; Actively block infringing links.

Investigation team

Investigation directors have laws Teacher and public security background, yes To promote and The process specification is extremely professional. Core investigators have more than 5 years of professional investigation experience.

Lawyer team

Our lawyers are good at handling all kinds of intellectual property disputes, and follow up criminal cases in the later stage.

Customer service team

Most of them have legal background and experience of studying abroad, and accurately send the survey progress, process and results of the business department to customers in the form of Chinese and English reports.

Platform processing team

It is composed of professional intellectual property lawyers, senior patent agents and specialists who are familiar with the rules of various platforms to quickly and efficiently solve patent infringement problems and maximize the protection of the interests of the patentee.

Honors of rights protection te

  • 01 In 2013-2014, acting for Honeywell QBPC Best Case of Intellectual Property Protection
  • 02 2015, 2016, 2017 The Best Team of HP Rights Defending Suppliers
  • 03 2019 SMOK brand "The Best Counterfeit Partner"

Customer strategy

  • We don't pursue the number of customers

  • Ensure that there is sufficient energy to take every customer instruction seriou

  • We don't pursue the number of cases

  • Pay more attention to the input-output ratio of customers

Customer group

  • Foreign customers

    HP, Daniel Wellington, ABRO

  • Domestic customers

    Huawei, Xinhuasan (H3C), Qihoo (360), Tiktok, OPPO, VIVO, SMOK,VAPORESSO, UWELL, PUFF, MR FOG, Yueke RELX

  • Government customers

    Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Bureau (Market Department, Audit Department), Shenzhen Municipal Food and Drug Administration (Drug Department, Device Department)

  • Law firm clients

    Beijing Zhonglun Wende, Kyoto

Our advantages

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